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Nottingham Hospital Charity

The Lewis Mighty Fund was original established in June 2009 as a treatment fund which would allow Lewis the chance to travel overseas for more advanced cancer therapies. The fund was set up by three trustees: Sarah Fullaway, Stuart Holness & Corin Holness.

Lewis with his Wrestling hero John Cena

As UK treatment progressed and Lewis clearly wasn't responding in the way hoped it became clear towards the end of 2010 that overseas treatment wasn't going to be off benefit. Instead all efforts were focused on allowing Lewy to live life to the FULL, to make the most of the time we had and for him to lead as normal a life as possible which wasn't based on hospital trips,procedures and invasive tests.


The Lewis Mighty Fund however became amazingly popular with a massive amount of fund raisers and donations flooding in weekly. The Fund also did an amazing job of bringing much needed awareness of Neuroblastoma and childhood cancer in general to the forefront of people's minds.

Fundraising for the Lewis Mighty Fund

The fund inspired and attracted a huge amount of children wanting to help and make a difference,from donating pocket money to lemonade stalls. Even haircuts and sponsored silences!! Lewis was a very charismatic child and despite his illness he really did have a certain star quality. He could be very "cantankerous" and was highly competitive and fun to be with. People who met him were smitten instantly and he inspired many an adult cancer patient.


After the sudden and untimely passing of Lewis in May 2012 an increase in donations began to once more flood in. A separate account was established to receive monies sent as funeral donations and all donations would be given to Nottingham Hospitals Charity to be used specifically for the Oncology Ward where Lewis was treated.

Within weeks the amount was rising fast and hit £26,000


Nottingham Hospital Charity were overwhelmed by the donations,attention and interest that had been sparked and decided that they would like to create a new Hospital Charity called "The Lewis Mighty Fund" within their charity. It would be used to raise exclusively for children receiving treatment for cancer by the Nottingham Hospital Trust at QMC and in the community. The decision was made by the family of Lewis and the trustees to also donate the original funds that are in excess of £230,000 to be controlled by The Nottingham Hospital Trust.

This fund is now ongoing and any money donated or raised for the Lewis Mighty Fund will make a direct hands on difference to child cancer patients.

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